Get Excited for the 13th Doctor With This Stellar Doctor Who Fan Art!

We’re just a little under a week from the Christmas Special! And, uh, a little under a week from Christmas. We’ve got our priorities straight, swear! And this year’s special is a very special one indeed! Twice Upon a Time will see the Doctor regenerate, with Jodie Whittaker coming in for Peter Capaldi as, finally, the first female Doctor!

We’re super excited, but big changes are in store besides even that — with Chris Chibnall taking over as showrunner for Steven Moffat, the whole show is regenerating! Exciting times, but they’re still a few days off and we don’t have a TARDIS, so for the time being we’re checking out some of the finer Doctor Who fan art out there! Here’s some particularly good stuff from Sophie Cowdrey — you can check out more of her work on her website, or follow her on Instagram or Twitter for updates!


We like what Cowdrey does with the characters, but the awesome work she does with colors in the background really completes her work!


The 13th Doctor! Seriously, we can’t wait. This one was drawn in the brief hoodie era, before her rad official outfit was revealed!

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