18 Perfect Last-Minute Gifts for the Dedicated Whovian in Your Life

Alright, maybe it’s not exactly last minute, but with holiday shopping season starting in October, it kinda feels like it! Also, if you’re ordering stuff online and not from Amazon, right now might be last minute! And unfortunately, the Doctor isn’t going to swoop in and TARDIS you off to a time when you could’ve made better decisions, so better get that shopping done ASAP!

With a new Christmas special and the introduction of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor almost here, you can bet the Whovians in your life are going to be thrilled getting pretty much anything with a TARDIS on it, and believe us, there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s been TARDIS’d. We’ve combed through it all (even the non-TARDIS goodies) and come out with a few battle scars and our favorite Doctor Who merch!

Plenty of Doctor Who handbags out there, but we love this understated navy and black bag! Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that it is bigger on the inside.

Hot Topic – $34

Fidget spinners to the side, this spinning TARDIS necklace looks gorgeous and will pass the time just as well!

BoxLunch – $20

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