Here’s What We Were Searching for on Google This Year

The year’s almost over! Time to look back on 2017 and — hm. OK. Well, maybe that’s not the most pleasant exercise, but let’s make the most of it! This year saw some pretty great stories in the world of tech and geekdom, and as is the 21st century way, it’s all been chronicled and packaged in convenient list form.

The techno-Santa Clauses at Google know what we’ve all been searching for, and they’ve shared the results of those trillions of searches in the United States for the year that was. On their trending in 2017 page, they have the top trending news stories, people, and, of course, how we completed the phrase “how to…” Google has picked out the topics that saw tons of searches over a long period of time — the popular stuff, but particularly the stories and people we didn’t know much about, but desperately wanted to.

Of course, we gravitated straight to the tech and geeky trend lists, and found some surprises!

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