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$1.9 Billion Dollars Went Into the Making of this Augmented Reality Headset

Magic Leap might not be a name you’ve heard of before, but in certain tech circles, it’s been a big deal for years — big enough to warrant a pretty stunning $1.9 billion in investment cash. After years of rumors, speculation, hype, and questions about whether or not the company would ever actually make anything, Magic Leap finally has something to show for it all — and they’re saying it’ll be ready sometime next year.

The Magic Leap One looks like a pair of future space goggles you’d see somewhere on the cover of an ’80s science-fiction novel, which is great because that’s kind of what they are. The headset aims to mix reality with digital — imagine Siri in virtual human form walking alongside you in the real world, but only visible to you, and you get an idea of what’s possible with this kind of technology. The headset was announced alongside an interview with Rolling Stone, which is well worth a read!

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about this tech — Microsoft has been developing similar technology in their HoloLens headset and the Mixed Reality platform and headsets released this year. The difference is in how you see the digital mixed with the real — while existing headsets use displays, Magic Leap does something a little more mind-bending.

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