All the Movie, TV, and Video Game Releases You Need to Know About for December

Need to know what’s worth nerding out on this month? We’ve been combing the release calendars to find all the awesome movies, shows, and games headed your way. Here’s what’s got our attention!


The Shape of Water – December 1

Out now! The Shape of Water might end up being the most refreshingly original thing you see this month. The latest tale from Guillermo del Toro is about a mute woman working as a janitor at a government lab in the ’60s. She makes a new friend, and that friend is merman-like sea creature, and romance happens. Great reviews so far, and if nothing else, it’ll be worth it just to get another look inside del Toro’s imagination.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi – December 15

I know, this one might have flown under your radar. Thank me later. Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 return to the big screen on December 15, but more importantly, Luke Skywalker actually gets speaking lines this time! The creative team has long been saying that while The Force Awakens was very similar to the original trilogy, the next two episodes will go in radically different directions. We’ll see soon!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – December 20

Did we need another Jumanji? Well, not really, but there are early rumblings that this reboot has actually turned out pretty well! This time, the kids don’t get stuck in a board game come to life — they get sucked into a video game and dropped into player characters brought to life by The Rock, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 – December 1 (ABC)

The fifth season of Agents premiered on Friday on ABC, and yes, that means Marvel’s Inhumans is over. It’s safe to come out. The longest-running Marvel TV series is taking a trip out to deep space this season, which got off to a wild start! We won’t spoil anything if you haven’t caught the premiere yet — suffice it to say Coulson and company have quite the puzzle to solve this season.

Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time – December 25 (BBC One)

But as nice as Agents is, you know what we’re here for this month. It’s time for the Doctor Who Christmas special, and this one is definitely going to be special. Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor already started his regeneration at the end of the last episode (and met David Bradley as the First Doctor), meaning December 25 is when we’ll finally get to see the first ever female Doctor! Jodie Whittaker and hopefully her super funky outfit should make their debut during the special, and we cannot wait.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 – December 5

Being honest? It’s a lean month for Netflix. But, we’re not going to complain about getting to lay eyes on the latest Guardians of the Galaxy as much as we want to over the holidays, especially when we’re just starting to get hyped about them finally joining the Avengers in Infinity War next year!

Bright – December 22

Feeling adventurous? Bright is a Netflix original movie starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and it’s got a premise we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen before (hey, that’s rare!). It’s an urban buddy cop movie, but also with fantasy creatures! Will Smith is a human cop partnered with an orc cop, there are elves on the force, and they’re trying to track down a woman with a powerful magical item. Also, Will Smith gets a beatdown from orcish street toughs. Good enough to get our attention!

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Video Games

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – December 1 (Nintendo Switch)

As always, December is a lean month for video game releases — I think the expectation is that you squirrel away enough fall releases to last you through the winter. But, there’s one last one to take note of — Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is one of the first big original RPGs (read: not the 57th release of Skyrim) to arrive on the Switch. It’s a must for fans of the series, but if you’re new to the series and looking for a game that you can sink a lot of time into while holed up under the covers, this should do just fine!

Okami HD – December 12 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

If you played Okami way back in the PlayStation 2 era, you probably remember it fondly. The game told tales based on Japanese folklore, with the player controlling the sun goddess Amaterasu as a wolf. There was a heavy emphasis on art, including the beautiful watercolor backgrounds that took inspiration from Japanese art. Of course, the PS2 was a long time ago — an HD upgrade (it’s not a full remake) using the horsepower of today’s consoles should make an already gorgeous game even more stunning. Newcomers and veterans alike should give it a look!