This Artist is Turning Pokémon Into Pokémonstrosities!

Yeah, something tells me these guys wouldn’t think much of Poké Balls. Artist J.R. Coffron collaborated with a few other fan artists on this series of Pokémonstrosities — I don’t think battles between these creatures would result in anything just fainting.

If you like these not-so-pocket-friendly monsters, you can check out more of Coffron’s work on his website, his Facebook, and his Instagram. We’ll give a shout out to his collaborators alongside the beasts ahead!


I think Venusaur usually gets its power from the sun. I don’t think that describes this Venusaur.


We don’t really know what’s lurking at the bottom of the ocean. Looking at this, we’re good not knowing! Cloyster here was done as a collaboration with Chris Bjors.

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