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Smugglers Beware – The Age of Robot Customs Agents Has Begun

Not that airport security is what we’d call lax, but for the customs evaders of the world, at least there was some hope of human error. This month saw the beginning of the end of that hope — there’s a new kind of customs agent on the scene, and it’ll always be watching!

Sanbot Max is the latest robot from Chinese firm Qihan, which has been busy making robots that can interact with humans for retail businesses, hospitals, and, yes, even government agencies. Max has donned the uniform (seriously, they gave him cool shoulders and a little arm patch) of China’s Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and has been given a post in the Shenzhen Bay Port in the south. Max won’t be doing any tough guy acts any time soon, but from the sounds of it, this bot is a little bit more than just a techie tourist attraction!

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