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These Robots Are Your New 2018 Gym Goals

Not content to make us feel bad about our job security, robots are now embarrassing us with their superior commitment to sick gains. Robotics are engineers are increasingly showing off what they can do by making robots that can pull off impressive athletic feats. In a span of about five years, robots have gone from struggling to make it up a flight of stairs to performing almost superhuman feats, sometimes with no supports.

Like these guys! Created at the University of Tokyo, Kenshiro and Kengoro are ready to get jacked in 2018. These two bots can do sit-ups, push-ups, and stretches. They could definitely stand to improve their form, though. Somehow, I don’t think it’ll take them long.

Even more amazing? Being able to exercise isn’t even the most impressive part! Kenshiro and Kengoro have one thing in common with us at the gym — they get hot. All that movement works the motors, and that can make the robot’s parts overheat over time. So, what’s the solution? Sweat! The engineers have a system of pipes that water cool the robots’ parts, ejecting steam from robo-pores to release heat.

While jacked robots need no further justification, the team at the University of Tokyo does have high hopes for the two robots. They hope that with more development, they’ll be able to help trainers better understand the human body, so they can better figure out how to prevent injuries. If nothing else, the bots could make for more realistic crash test dummies. The most compelling possibility could be that faux-sweat system — it’s something that could be applied to bionic prosthetic limbs in the future.

University of Tokyo

The one saving grace for us humans is that these bots kind of suck at badminton, but at this point, it’s only going to be a few months before they start smashing all over our domes.

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