The 19 Most Logical Gifts for Star Trek Fans

All is right with the universe — Star Trek is back on TV! Well, it’s kind of back on TV. Does CBS’ subscription service count? Point is, we’d prefer not to have to pay an extra $6 per month to watch Star Trek: Discovery, but we’re not going to grumble too loudly.

If you’ve got a Trekkie in your life that’s just as excited about Starfleet on the TV again, you’ve got plenty of great options when it comes to putting something under the tree! Here’s what you should be beaming down the chimney this year.

It’s basically the box set. This Blu-ray set includes the entirety of Star Trek: The Original Series, and it can be watched with refined visuals or exactly how it looked back in the ’60s.

Amazon – $50

Need a ridiculously cute gift for your SO? This pair of rings make up the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Captain Kirk’s command.

Star Trek Shop – $116+

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