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The Week in Geek – I Guess Disney Owns Pop Culture Now

Too busy to keep up on all things geeky this week? We’ve got you covered with the trailers, merch, and news coming out of the week that was!

Disney buys much of 21st Century Fox

Well, it’s official. After intermittent talks throughout the last couple of months, Disney has locked in their acquisition of nearly all of 21st Century Fox. The $52.4 billion deal would give Disney a pretty unbelievable list of new franchises — The SimpsonsThe X-FilesFuturamaBuffy the Vampire SlayerAvatarPredatorAlien, and the list just keeps going.

Of course, for Marvel fans, the most exciting result is that Disney will finally have rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. We still think the most important addition there is Doctor Doom, a villain so crucial to Marvel comics that it would be hard to imagine the MCU continuing on without him. Disney also gets the distribution rights to all of the Star Wars movies, meaning that they’ll soon be able to make box sets.

It’s easier to say what isn’t in the deal — 21st Century Fox will retain Fox News, Fox Sports, the Fox television network, and Fox Studios in Los Angeles, although the latter will be leased to Disney. The deal won’t go through immediately, but in the near future, it could finally spell the end of The Simpsons on Fox — it sounds like Fox wants to refocus on news, sports, and reality television. Ultimately, that means The Simpsons could live on on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which at this point looks like a downright terrifying prospect for Netflix. Oh, and speaking of streaming, the purchase gives Disney a majority stake in Hulu, so we’ll have to see if Hulu eventually becomes that Disney streaming service instead of Disney building one from scratch.

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