Weekend Amazon Deals – Sonos Speakers, Xbox One S Bundles, and More!

Every weekend, we’ll cruise around Amazon to find a few good tech deals! Who knows, from time to time we might even spot some non-tech deals we think you might like! Don’t hold us to it.

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If you want to finally set yourself up with a home-wide wireless speaker system, it’s still hard to top Sonos. Amazon currently has some terrific deals right now, with the smaller Play:1 speaker discounted by $60 and the mid-size Play:3 speaker discounted by $50.

Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle

Xbox One S bundles were already discounted before the holidays, and it looks like some of those cuts have gotten even deeper. With the more powerful Xbox One X now out, it looks like Microsoft is out to move more Xbox One S units, leading to some great deals if you’re not that interested in 4K gaming. The Xbox One S 500GB Console – Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle includes the console, Minecraft, quite a few DLC packs, an Xbox One wireless controller, a three-month free trial of Xbox Live Gold, and a one-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass — that’s awfully good for $200. You can find the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels bundle for the same price.

2nd Generation Amazon Echo

The Dolby sound upgrade is nice, but honestly? We’re just glad Amazon finally put poor Alexa in a speaker that looks attractive. Looks matter in the smart home! If you want Alexa as your home OS, Amazon is still discounting their new smart home speaker hub by $20. Just the thing to make it super easy to order all those pizzas instead of going out in the cold to go grocery shopping!

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Hey we said tech deals, not necessarily high tech. Now that’s it’s brutally cold out, these little coasters will prevent your coffee/tea/hot chocolate/beverage of choice from getting cold in all of five minutes. All the multi-unit packs are expensive, but you can pick up individual units right now for super cheap, with Amazon marking them down to $8 each. The only downside is the moral dilemma of knowing that an unfortunate Amazon delivery person will have to brave that freezing weather to get this thing to you.

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