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The 4 Women’s Health Tech Startups You Need to Watch in 2018

If we’ve learned anything about the tech industry, it’s that two kinds of startups thrive — the ones that attack a problem in a radically different way, and the ones that attack a problem that’s been ignored. Women’s health has long been in the latter group — access to necessities like birth control and tampons is restricted and can be expensive, while things like fertility tracking have remained stuck in the past, using requiring invasive and time-consuming tests.

In recent years, those problems have been tackled by femtech, and while it’s kind of infuriating that women’s health access is in such a sad state that it necessitates its own tech startup buzzword, at least the movement has resulted in some new companies doing some genuinely exciting work. Here’s four that have gotten our attention — they’ve already done good work, and from the looks of it, they’re far from being done!

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