Funko Frenzy – Stranger Things, a Bunch of Glitter, and More!

Got a shelf (or room) dedicated to Funko figurines? Then we’re guessing you get as excited as we do for new Funko releases — and they come fast and furious these days. Funko basically has an iron grip on our wallets with their Pops and plushies, and they’re not letting go anytime soon. Here’s the good stuff that got us the most excited from the past month!

Stranger Things

Yup, Funko has even more new Stranger Things goodies coming. Following a wave of season two figurines announced last month, Funko is showing off even more Pop and 8-Bit Pop figurines, plus one plush!

In February of next year, they’ll release a Pop of worst pet ever Dart — the 1-in-6 chase variant will have Dart’s mouth politely closed. They’ve also got a fully grown 6″ Demogorgon coming, and Target got an exclusive 8-bit Pop version last month! Dart will also get one of the most amazing things ever next spring — a nesting plush doll with all three stages of growth! Maybe baby demogorgons aren’t so bad after all.

And, if you’re looking for stocking stuffers right now, you can find a new Dustin Pop paired with a tiny Dart at Hot Topic. And, sometime this month, you’ll be able to track down our most-anticipated new Stranger Things figurine at BoxLunch — punk Eleven!

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