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Apple is Teaming With the Malala Fund to Increase Access to Education for Girls Worldwide

Since becoming a blogger for the BBC when she was 11 and surviving an assassination attempt at 15, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai has become one of the world’s most prominent champions of education for girls in developing countries. The Malala Fund has been working toward that mission since 2013, and it’s about to step up its efforts in a big way thanks to a major new partner — Apple.

Apple announced that they’ve become the Malala Fund’s first Laureate partner, a partnership that sounds like it will have some far-reaching effects! Apple didn’t specify how much money, time, or technology they’ll be donating to the organization, but the Malala Fund says that they plan to expand their programs into India and Latin America with Apple’s support. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out news of the announcement, as well, with Malala responding with enthusiasm about expanding the reach of her organization.

The partnership won’t just be about money. In their press release, Apple says they will “help Malala Fund scale its organization by assisting with technology, curriculum and research into policy changes needed to help girls everywhere attend school and complete their education.” Tim Cook will also join the Malala Fund’s leadership council, which means he should be able to apply what Apple has learned from all of their educational initiatives over the years.

So, what exactly will Apple be helping to expand? It sounds like it’ll have a big impact on the Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Network, itself a great example of how to do philanthropy right in the 21st century.

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