Here’s What Disney Characters’ Pokémon Teams Would Look Like

We’re always excited any time someone finds a way to combine Disney and Pokémon, but fan artist Pavlover really went above and beyond. Not only did she do incredible work drawing Disney characters in the style of Pokémon trainers, she even tried her hand at guessing what their battle teams would be! The results are always clever, and sometimes pretty hilarious! Check them out, and if you’d like to see more of the artist’s work, be sure to check out her DeviantArt page!


I actually laughed out loud at Merida having three Teddiursas on her team. She made it a real family affair by adding Ursaring, too!


Maleficent naturally goes for the Dark Pokémon like Zoroark and Houndoom. I guess she can also become her own seventh by turning into a dragon, too? Seems unfair, but Maleficent doesn’t seem like she’d play by the rules, either.

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