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Recent Study Says Fitness Trackers Aren’t Helping People Get Fit – Yet

Wearables, be they fitness trackers or smartwatches, are supposed to help make us healthier. Some of them might be able to buzz you about an incoming email or let you boss the Google Assistant or Siri around, but fitness tracking is the one feature that can’t be done effectively with a phone. So, if it turned out that wearables weren’t actually making us healthier, that would be quite the problem!

So far, not so good. Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles have published a meta-analysis — a comprehensive review of other studies done on a topic — of the ability of fitness trackers to help people get more fit, and they’ve found nothing to suggest that they do. But, before you swear off the smartwatch for good or consign the fitness tracker to the junk drawer, the news isn’t all bad for the tech industry.

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