This Guy Made Up a Bunch of Food Type Pokémon, and They’re Kinda Believable

Look, Pokémon has always been absurdist theater. There is a Pokémon that is a bunch of magnets stuck together. There is a Pokémon that is a key ring. There is a Pokémon that is literally just some eggs laying on the ground. Point is, you can make up just about any Pokémon, and we would not doubt Game Freak’s ability to make a real Pokémon as ridiculous, or more so.

That goes for these food Pokémon, too! Chris Gerringer created a bunch of them, leaving us entertained and wondering what food attacks would be super effective against! Have your fill of the faux Pokes, and if you like them, be sure to follow Gerringer on Instagram, too.


The evolutions just being more layers added to the bunny burger seems very Pokémon.


Pretty sure sticky-type attacks would be super effective against everything!

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