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Lego is Celebrating the Brick’s 60th Anniversary With 6 New Sets Celebrating Creativity

Lego was born in the wooden toy workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932, but it wasn’t until 1958 that the plastic Lego brick we know and love today came to be. Those little studded building blocks became what might be the perfect toy — not only were kids getting playsets, they were getting bunches of bricks to create anything they could imagine!

Today, Lego is rolling thanks to tons of pop culture licensing deals, but the creativity at the heart of the company is still alive and well. That’s what the company wants to celebrate this month, as the brick officially turns 60 on January 28. They’re releasing five sets as part of a Building Bigger Thinking collection, which will get a special edition run for the anniversary — for collectors, there’s a printed 60th anniversary tile in these boxes you’re definitely going to want. On top of that, they’ve got a Walmart-exclusive set — a big old box of bricks that comes with a history booklet about the company. It’s all great for kids and longtime Lego fans alike! Here’s what you can expect.

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Lego is indeed on a roll, but this set meant roll in the literal sense! This Walmart-exclusive set is all about the wheel, and it could be a good one for the Lego fan that loves finding all the different elements Lego has introduced throughout the years. It’s one of the bigger sets at 442 pieces, and features about a dozen different wheels and axles alongside more conventional bricks. Lego is including instructions to build simple things like a wheelchair to more complex creations like a little car, but really, the set is for you to build your own thing. This is the set that also comes with a historical booklet about Lego, so this is the one to have for collectors!

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The other five sets are all part of the Building Bigger Thinking collection, which makes them similar to the Bricks on a Roll set — Lego will include instructions to create a few things, but the sets are really just boxes of bricks for you to play around with. The Rainbow Fun set is the smallest of the five at just 85 pieces, but it’s packed with colors and, more importantly, appears to include unicorn wing elements.

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The future-themed box includes 186 pieces, and has the bricks to build robots. We’d philosophize about a future where building robots is going to be as easy as building Lego sets, but that’s actually the present. Things happen fast! This set also has a few more fun accessories, like a helmet, a wrench, and a microphone.

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At 295 pieces, the World Fun set is all about the accessories! They packed in a trident, a pair of flippers, a flying helmet, a walkie-talkie, a fish, and even a chicken leg! Lego wants everyone to take inspiration from all parts of the world — and how you get to those places! One of the tiny models they include instructions for is a helicopter, but they’ve also got pieces for an underwater ruin scene.

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The ocean-themed set includes 579 pieces, so there’s plenty here to add to the brick collection. There are some seaweed elements, of course, along with googly eye elements of multiple sizes, perfect for adding on to frogs or octopuses. There’s also a little Atlantis-style castle inspiration here, with flag and tower top elements. There’s even a wizard hat!

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There’s a travel-themed set that includes 871 pieces, and comes with flames, sails, seats, and a bunch of other bricks and elements. Looks like you’ll have everything you need to build a little Space Shuttle (RIP), along with a tiny sailing ship from the more ocean-bound Age of Discovery hundreds of years ago. Lego is hoping kids make like little Elon Musks and dream up the ships of tomorrow using those bricks!