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Can You Play Mario Better Than an AI? Watch This Livestream to Find Out!

Want to see AI development in action? Believe it or not, you can get a live look right now thanks to a livestream of the original Super Mario Bros. Watching the repetitive action for just a few minutes will tell you that this is no ordinary gaming stream — there’s no human player involved!

You’re watching MarI/O, an AI that uses neural networks and genetic algorithms to learn how to play games with almost no programming. The premise is surprisingly basic — the programmers tell the AI that dying is bad, living is good, and it should try to move as far to the right as it possibly can. The AI goes off on its way, dying a bunch before learning what buttons to press and when. You can check out the stream by clicking this link (also, enjoy the sublime playlist of video game music in the background), or read on to find out just what’s going on in this video!

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