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Someone Finally Invented the Banana for Lazy People

I like bananas. Great source of potassium, gets you moving! Know what sucks, though? The peel. You have to take it off, sometimes you mush up the banana when you’re trying to peel it, it’s just a mess. Want to eat one on the go? Better have a place to toss that peel, unless you want to be responsible for someone’s bad day and/or trip to the hospital. There’s got to be a better way! (Cue infomercial music)

Meet the mongee. It looks like a banana, but it’s been grown to have a thin, edible peel that makes it way easier to eat. It was developed by D&T Farm in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, using a process called ‘freeze thaw awakening’ in which banana trees are grown in freezing environments, then thawed out and planted elsewhere.

The result is a thinner peel and a totally different taste. Rocketnews24 tried some in December and found the peel to be largely tasteless, with the banana getting more of a tropical taste. Sounds like good news all around!

But, we hear some of you back there. “Actually, the banana peel was always edible!” Yes, very good and very true. But, there are some key differences that make the mongee a little more intriguing.

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