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Nintendo Labo is a Bunch of Cardboard Toys, and It Looks Super Fun

The fun wizards at Nintendo have stumbled upon an ancient truth — building a bunch of stuff out of cardboard is really fun. That’s the core idea behind Nintendo Labo, a new line of toy sets for the Switch that turns out to be a lot deeper than it first appears. Nintendo announced the Labo in a YouTube announcement today, ahead of a planned launch on April 20.

The sets contain cardboard and instructions to create any number of cases that can hold the Switch or the Joy-Con controllers — awesomely, Nintendo calls the cardboard cases Toy-Cons. That’s because they essentially become toys — they use the controllers in really clever and inventive ways to turn cardboard sheets into fishing rods, remote control cars, and a bunch of other accessories that can actually be used with Switch games on-screen. It’s being aimed at the younger crowd (and parents of them), but Labo looks so open-ended that the potential is virtually limitless. Here’s why!

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