The Pokémon of Sinnoh Get Some Awesome Major Makeovers

True story: I was never more locked into Pokémon than I was in the Diamond/Pearl days. I was a late bloomer! Great generation, though. Introduced Arceus, which is basically Pokémon God. Let’s take a look at those Sinnoh Pokémon getting some overhauls! We’re back with more of Harris Fagotto’s Pokémon redesigns — this time, from the fourth generation. We’ve got our favorites (shouts to Mamoswines bred with stealth rock), and you can find all of your favorites by visiting Harris’s FacebookTumblr, and DeviantArt pages!


Gotta love those Pokémon designers for making a literal songbird.


Rampardos remains one of the great Pokémon names of all time. Just rolls off the tongue!

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