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The Adorable, Useful, and Weird Robots of CES 2018

“Look at how wild the future is going to be!” is one of the major themes at every CES that has ever been. In the 2018 version of the electronics tradeshow in Las Vegas, the vision of a future is one of robots, everywhere. The show was loaded with them, and while most of them are adorable (that’s how they get you), some looked genuinely useful problem solvers, while others — well, you’ll see.


Hey, this little guy looks familiar! Aibo is ancient in both dog and robot years — Sony introduced the first version of their robot dog way back in 1998. He was ahead of his time in ’98, but with all the robots popping up in 2018, it looks like his time is now. The redesigned Aibo is way more adorable, with huge OLED eyes and motors that make his movements look way less robotic. OK, the camera in the nose is a little more off-putting, but it’s partly there to allow Aibo to recognize family members and act super cute accordingly. Sony even made a little bone that Aibo can recognize and pick up, and of course it’s called Aibone. But, Sony’s holding out on us — for now, they plan to only sell the new Aibo in Japan.

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