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Sunday Amazon Deals – A Big Discount on Our Favorite Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

Every weekend, we’ll cruise around Amazon to find a few good tech deals! Who knows, from time to time we might even spot some non-tech deals we think you might like! Don’t hold us to it.

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Fossil Q Tailor Hybrid Smartwatch

We really like Fossil’s hybrid smartwatches — they have all the stylishness of a regular analog watch, but they give you step tracking, smartphone notifications, and music controls. You can even use an app to assign 12 contacts to the numbers on the watch face, so you’ll get a buzz and the hands pointing to that number when a certain person calls you. The Q Tailor is one of our favorite styles for women, and it’s 30 percent off right now.

Simple Chef Air Fryer

They’re all the rage in the kitchen right now — rather than using tons of boiling oil, air fryers use just a little bit with a whole lot of hot air to fry up foods in a healthier, safer way. This one from Simple Chef is almost half off right now!

Findway Nintendo Switch Case

The Switch is a lot of things — one of them is a mobile device. Like all mobile devices, you’re going to want to protect it from accidental drops. This clear silicone bumper case does just that, and it’s available for only a little over $10 right now.

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

Usually, gaming headsets with 7.1-channel virtual surround sound go for at least $100. Logitech is doing it for just $80, and right now, the G430 headset only costs half that at $40!

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