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The Week in Tech – Welcome to 2018, Here’s a Security Flaw That Affects Most Computers from the Last 10 Years

There’s a ton of tech news to get to! Maybe you didn’t get to it all, because who’s got time for that? Well, that’d be us — here are a handful of stories from the week that was that might affect you!

Meltdown and Spectre get 2018 off to a wild start

The year probably could’ve started better for the major chipmakers and software makers of the world. Earlier this week, word got out about two security flaws called Meltdown and Spectra — we went into a little more detail about those here. The headlines were shocking. Meltdown was due to the way Intel has been intentionally designing their processors for the better part of a decade, putting almost any Intel-powered machine — Windows, Mac, or Linux — at risk. Spectre turned out to be an even harder problem to fix, and one that affects not just Intel, but AMD and ARM chips as well.

The companies have known about the vulnerabilities for a few months now, ever since a Google researcher brought Meltdown and Spectre to their attention with the help of security experts from around the globe. All companies involved are now working on software updates that will fix the vulnerabilities, although some reports have indicated that those fixes could slow down computers dramatically. The good news, if there is any, is that there’s no immediate reason to be worried. While the flaws have been found, there’s been no sign that they’re being exploited by hackers to obtain otherwise secure information like passwords. Hopefully it stays that way.

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