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The Week in Tech – New Tech from CES and Potentially a Very Different Facebook

There’s a ton of tech news to get to! Maybe you didn’t get to it all, because who’s got time for that? Well, that’d be us — here are a handful of stories from the week that was that might affect you!

CES goes down in Vegas

The biggest week in consumer tech was this one, with the gigantic Consumer Electronics Show running in Las Vegas. You can check out our reactions to the news coming out of the show here, but suffice it say that Alexa and Google Assistant will take over your life while robots will take over your job — even if you’re a stripper. And, as per usual, there were mishaps — the LG CLOi robot refused to cooperate on stage, and the whole electronics part of the show (that’s most of it!) got shut down by a power outage at one point.

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