Here’s What’s New on Netflix in February – Queer Eye Returns in Style

Last month was a lean one for Netflix originals — looks like they’re making up for it by packing the shortest month with tons of goodies! February will see what might become your new sci-fi favorite, the latest salvo in Netflix’s anime barrage, and, most importantly, the return of Queer Eye after nearly a decade. Everything about the world needs a makeover in 2018, so they shouldn’t be hurting for material!

Here are our recommendations for the month ahead, plus a full list of what’s new on Netflix in February at the end.

Altered Carbon: Season 1 – February 2


The problem with putting yourself in a synthetic body and living forever? You don’t know if it’s really your consciousness that transfers, or just copies of your memories. Altered Carbon imagines a world where even consciousness has been digitized, then asks what sort of hijinks would ensue. Here’s one — a guy gets murdered, gets uploaded to a new body, but doesn’t have any saved memories of his old body getting killed. He wants to find out why! It’s kind of like The Hangover, if you think about it.

Queer Eye: Season 1 – February 7

Whatever your opinion of it, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy endures as one of the most important LGBTQ shows in the history of television. It’s been over 10 years since the last episode aired on Bravo — enough time for to come back into fashion! The new Queer Eye will have a new team of five, and they’ll once again be tackling everything from personal style to interior design and diet for guys desperately in need of some change. Word is the series will finally venture outside of New York, as it makes cross-cultural understanding an even bigger theme this time around.

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