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Finally, at Long Last, Redhead and Afro Emoji Are Confirmed to Be On Their Way

It’s that time of year! The Unicode Consortium, whence all emoji come, have sifted through the proposals and rendered judgment — the new emoji for 2018 have been set in stone. We’ve got 157 new ones this year, building on the list of 67 that was proposed in August of last year. Some of those proposed emoji were redhead male and female redhead emoji, and we’re glad to confirm that they’ve made the cut along with afro emoji! Took them long enough.

Unfortunately, we have to stick with our prior judgment in August — besides the redheads, this is the weakest crop of emoji we’ve seen in a long time. In years past, we got true cultural staples like the shushing face, the thinking face, the smug face, or the crying laugh. These were emoji that we knew, even before release, were going to be way too fun to use on Twitter. Where’s that emoji of the year candidate this time? Sorry woozy face, it’s not you. The puppy dog eyes emoji I guess wins by default? The feeling loved emoji is too overdue to make those kinds of waves.

We’re also getting superhero and supervillain emoji, but just the generic kind. No official Batman emoji this year. But, at least there are hot and cold face emoji to complain about the weather! Now that we think about it, those two might be in line to get the most run.

But wait! We may have found the low-key hero emoji of the year after all. Like every year, there are a bunch of animals and objects that get added, too. The llama makes an overdue appearance, along with a teddy bear, a kangaroo, a magnet, and a red envelope (if only we had that today, happy year of the dog everyone!).

All that to the side, though, because here’s the real champion: the receipt emoji. This is Twitter gold. I cannot wait to see this spammed in jubilation when someone lies about stuff on Twitter and gets some hot evidence thrown in their face.

There’s also a DNA emoji, but they reportedly messed it all up and made scientists mad.

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