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Nintendo Just Dropped a Ton of (Mostly) Good News on Us This Week

Nintendo has been on a hot streak for the past year — the Switch is amazing, cash is flowing, Mario got an amazing game, and all is right in the Mushroom Kingdom. So, you won’t be shocked to learn that Nintendo is very interested in keeping the good times rolling. This week saw a ton of Nintendo news about the Switch, plus a few other surprises. It’s all good news for Nintendo, and for the most part, it’s good for Nintendo fans too — except for one thing, depending on your outlook! Here’s what we learned from the gaming giant this week.

They’re selling a ton of everything

Last month, we learned that the Nintendo Switch had already sold 10 million units. With the Wii U only selling 13.5 million units throughout its just over four-year life span, we figured the Switch would blow past the older console in no time. That happened — the latest reports put sales numbers at 14.86 million, and it hasn’t even been a year since the Switch’s release. Nintendo has a long ways to go before the Switch takes the all-time video game console sales crown, but it’s certainly off to a promising start.

That wasn’t the only good sales news coming out of Nintendo. The SNES Classic mini console, preloaded with 21 16-bit games, has sold 4 million units so far, and unlike with the NES classic, Nintendo plans to keep on producing them.

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  1. With the recent announcement of Nintendo Labo, you may be thinking this is our post regarding that. It isn’t. Funstock recently announced a whole lineup of peripherals for Nintendo’s little system that could from 8Bitdo, ranging from controllers to speakers – and they’re fairly stylish to boot. There’s even a Bluetooth NES Classic controller included in the announcement. I wonder if you’ll be able to distinguish the difference in the gallery below.

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