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You’ll Want to Catch All of These 20 Awesome Pokémon Goodies

Need to celebrate your love for all things Pokémon? Do it with a little shopping! Sadly, there are no real world PokéStops where you can shop for all things Pokémon (how has there not been at least a pop-up shop yet?), but as we all know well, there’s no shortage of things you can find online!

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Need some fine art for an empty wall? Here’s an awesome watercolor of all the Eeveelutions!

A set of tasteful, fully-evolved wooden coasters!

For all you New Nintendo 3DS XL (the model released in 2015) owners out there, here’s a great hard Pikachu case to keep it safe!

The Pokémon Go Plus wristband is a must for Pokémon Go players who don’t want to look at their phones 24/7 — it’s actually a Bluetooth device that will give you a little buzz when there’s a Pokémon nearby.

An electric blue LED night light of the electric Pikachu!

What Pokémon would you entrust with a hot drink other than the original fire Pokémon?

Snorlax slippers are pretty much the perfect concept.

This super cool Pikachu clock was made using a vinyl record!

Lots of great BPA-free plastic water bottles out there, but we love this cute Eevee bottle the most!

The essential super cute, super cuddly Pikachu plush!

This bright, colorful hat features Pokémon from throughout the generations!

A Poké Ball mug is awesome enough on its own, but with this one you even get a little lid to keep your drink warm!

The perfect doormat to come home to after a Pokémon Go session!

A snuggly fleece blanket with the original four starters!

We’re so glad people make little Bulbasaur planters. Looks like succulents are the way to go, but you can make your own alternate Bulbasaurs!

This charm keychain of all the Eevees is adorable! And also probably really jangly. But mostly adorable!

This Master Ball plush kinda looks like a pet’s new best friend!

Not only does this bath bomb set come with one random Pokémon card, each bomb has a little figurine inside!

Can’t go wrong with a Pikachu beanie!

More Eevee goodness, this time in wallet form!

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