These Realistic Pokémon Don’t Look Like the Fainting Type

I think Ash would have a rough time as a trainer in this world of Pokémon. I mean, he has a rough time anyway, but you get the point. This batch of realistic Pokémon fan art features some Pokes that mean business — there’s grandeur, there’s ferocity, and there’s looking off into the distance stoically!

This art comes from Abel Vera, Phill Berry, and Felipe Escobar. If you want to see more of their work, be sure to check out the ArtStation pages of Abel Vera and Felipe Escobar. You can find Phill Berry on his website, Facebook, or DeviantArt, and you can support him directly by contributing to his Patreon.


Never seen anyone do Greninja’s water blades that well.

Felipe Escobar/ArtStation

Legendary pose for the legendary Entei.

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