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Here’s How Snap Responded to the Discontent With the New Snapchat Update

Last November, Snap announced an upcoming update to Snapchat that, at the time, sounded great — the plan was for the app to put snaps and stories from friends in a separate place from snaps and stories from media organizations. If all you wanted to do with the app was keep your streaks up, you could totally ignore the whole media blitz.

Well, the update took its sweet time getting here, finally arriving earlier this month. And, whether you’re a Snapchat user or not, you probably heard about how that went — Twitter rage, desperate searches for ways to undo the update, and a Change.org petition to axe the update that cleared 1 million supporters. Also, a Kylie Jenner tweet just knocked over $1 billion off the company’s value, so welcome to investment in 2018.

Users getting up in arms over a social media app update is hallowed tradition, but even considering that, the backlash was on another level. This week, Snap finally responded to that petition, and its response can be adequately summed up in one letter: ‘k.

The response, posted directly to Change.org, makes it clear that the update isn’t going anywhere. Instead, Snap indicated that the new format will improve, saying “the new Friends page will adapt to you and get smarter over time, reflecting who you’re most likely to be Snapping with at that moment.” That doesn’t mean Snap totally has their ears stopped up, though — the response also indicated that new updates are coming that will address some of the major complaints, even if the basic format of the new Snapchat won’t change.

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