14 Perfect Masculine Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Star Wars Fanatic in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is coming up! May the Force be with anyone in a relationship. Then again, if you’re with a Star Wars fanatic, Valentine’s Day is kinda easy! Everything (seriously, wait until you see some of this stuff) under the sun has gotten the Star Wars treatment at some point, so your odds of finding something your SO is going to love? Well, we’d never presume to tell you the odds. They’re probably good, though.

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Philips Perfect Shave Electric Razor

told you everything has gotten the Star Wars treatment. This is, we imagine, the official razor of the First Order — we should note that Kylo Ren does appear to be a regular beard shaver, unless he just can’t grow one. It’s a possibility. Anyway, this shaver brings more to the table than Sith red and black — the head has been designed to provide a smoother shave with less hair pulling during the shaving process. I can confirm that is a problem.

Philips – $260

Taylor Made Star Wars Gift Box

So first and foremost all this golf stuff comes in a tasteful box, which is huge during Valentine’s Day. In the box is the ultimate assortment of things for the person who makes lightsaber noises when they take out their 3-iron — a few balls, a ball marker, a divot replacer, and some microfiber towels, all with Star Wars on them. Taylor Made isn’t selling them, but you can roll the dice on eBay if you’re feeling lucky.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Tie

There are so many ways to do a Star Wars tie badly — this one manages to escape the tractor beam of lazy cash grabbing. It comes in a handful of great colors and has the schematics to the Millennium Falcon on the front. Better make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Star Wars Nixon Watches

Nixon has a ton of Star Wars watches — some of them unreasonably priced, some of them more amenable to Luke’s Tatooine-era budget. A pretty good compromise is this watch that takes after R2-D2’s dome — just enough Star Wars goodness, but not the fashion equivalent of C-3PO waving his arms around.

Nixon – $125

Star Wars cufflinks

Plenty of Star Wars cufflinks available on this site, but we’re going with Chewbacca — if you get the chance to sneak in some beastliness with formal wear, you have to take it. Besides, Chewbacca is on sale right now.

Cufflinks – $33

Poe Dameron Jacket

Poe might have had his reputation permanently tarnished by The Last Jedi, but that jacket is still coming out of this new trilogy unscathed. This jacket is genuine leather, patterned after the one from the movie, and is the Valentine’s Day gift you’re most likely to secretly be buying for yourself.

Film Jackets – $179

Star Wars messenger bag

Simple and stylish! This faux suede messenger bag looks great, the pattern on the inner lining is fun, and is probably perfect for smuggling Death Star designs. Hopefully that winds up better for whoever uses this bag!

Disney – $65

Imperial boxers

You know, if they need to keep their aspirations of galactic domination hidden unless they’re parked on your Star Destroyer of a couch.

Disney – $20

Wooden Star Wars smartphone cases

Smartphone cases usually aren’t that great of gifts, but that’s not true of the cases coming out of this awesome Etsy shop. Their wooden cases have some incredibly detailed Star Wars designs, and they’re available for iPhones all the way from 4 to X.

WOODGRAWshop/Etsy – $18

Heat-sensitive Star Wars mug

You know how this is going to go. The hot stuff gets poured in, the lightsabers light up. It’s the simple things that really count in the morning.

Stormtrooper Star Wars Decanter

For the venn diagram overlap of whiskey enthusiasts and Star Wars fans, there’s this glass Stormtrooper decanter! Don’t forget to knock a few back for all the Stormtroopers that have gone down over the trilogies.

R2-D2 coffee press

When we were talking about the more extreme example of Star Wars merchandise, we were between this and the razor. We’re honestly still a little unsure which one’s existence is more incredible, but we love them both very much.

ThinkGeek – $40

Rebel wallet

Not only does it have a nice fabric look and the Rebel logo, it’s a gift you can give without destroying your own wallet.

Walmart – $10

Lightsaber lamp

These LED lightsaber lamps come in Kylo Ren, Vader, and Luke styles — strictly speaking, you’re getting the most bang for your buck with the Kylo Ren lightsaber. Also, they’re discounted big time right now!

ThinkGeek – $30