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Tinder Reportedly Will Soon Add an Option for Women to Always Send the First Message

Tinder justifies itself easily — it’s part of the cultural lexicon, it’s used by millions around the world, and marriages between two people who met on a Tinder date are common enough. If problems of harassment exist within the app (and they do), they’re of the same sort that plagued the old days of meeting people in bars. Fortunately, while technology can make unwanted harassment easier, it also provides tools to cut down on it.

Fellow dating app Bumble tried to do that in a more extreme way by only allowing women to send the first message, making it less likely that women on the app would be deluged with dick pics. Not a foolproof solution, but at least one that screens out the serial offenders!

A report from MarketWatch says that Tinder is moving in that direction, but not all the way. In an interview with Match Group Inc (the parent company of Tinder) CEO Mandy Ginsberg, the site learned that Tinder will soon give women the option to be the one who must initiate conversations. In the report, Ginsberg pointed out that she’s not interested in one-size-fits-all solutions, saying “giving people the choice versus telling people how to engage is the big difference.”

Later in the report, Ginsberg is quoted as saying her company is trying to “curtail bad behavior, any negative behavior or advances, and inappropriate communication” on its many app and services, of which Tinder is the most prominent. Ginsberg recently came on as Match Group CEO, so it sounds like this could be the start of a real cultural shift that makes online dating less toxic. Might not be able to help awkward, but what can?

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