The Week in Geek – Marvel 2018 Hype With Black Panther Merch and an Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer

Too busy to keep up on all things geeky this week? We’ve got you covered with the trailers, merch, and news coming out of the week that was!

The first Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer goes big (then small, then big again)

Ant-Man is a sort of forgotten about movie in the MCU canon, which is weird, because it was by all accounts pretty well-liked! Well, the next one is coming this July, and it’ll be the first MCU movie to come out after the great big Infinity War get-together. This first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp is mostly pretty lighthearted, with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly and buildings and a bunch of other stuff getting bigger and smaller. The knife scene looks cool, too! But, overall, we get the sense that the Serious Events of Infinity War won’t be seen too much in this movie — almost makes us think this movie might take place before it! With the heroes searching for the original Wasp in the Quantum Realm, we might see more the cosmic MCU that they’ve been introducing in recent movies.

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ThinkGeek launches a Black Panther collection

Black Panther is just under two weeks away, and ThinkGeek is here for it. This week they put up a nine-item Black Panther collection, and as usual, there’s a little something for everyone. The Black Panther logo finds itself on a T-shirt, a watch, a pair of high tops, and a hoodie. But, the real prizes are the claw pendant necklace and the black handbag with claw accents. Oh, and they’re dead serious about this stuff — they also have a replica royal family ring made of sterling silver and 18-karat gold. Rounding the collection out? Funko figurines! What else?

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Stargate: Origins looks charming, if low-budget

Last July, we heard that MGM was producing a new web series for Stargate, serving as a prequel series for Catherine Langford. Sometimes these things fall through quietly, so it’s nice to see that Stargate: Origins has moved forward — MGM released a trailer on Thursday. It looks like a fun WWII-era Nazi-hunting Stargate-jumping kind of story, and it definitely seems to have those Stargate vibes. It looks a little low-budget, which only reinforces our suspicions that this is a test case to see if it’s worth it for MGM to put down the big bucks on new movies. Only problem is that Stargate fans will have to pay up for another service to watch the 10 10-minute episodes — they’ll be uploaded to MGM’s Stargate Command, a fan website. To get access you’ll have to pay a one-time $20 fee, but it’s not just for Stargate: Origins — that $20 gets you access to the entirety of the SG-1Atlantis, and Universe TV series, along with all three movies and some behind-the-scenes extras.