Wonder Woman Looks Fiercer Than Ever in This Incredible Fan Art Series

Fresh off of two movie appearances in 2017 (including the world-beating Wonder Woman), Diana of Themyscira’s star has never shone brighter. But, just because we were deprived of Wonder Woman’s greatness on the big screen for so long doesn’t mean fans ever forgot about here. Just take a look at this awesome fan art series from years ago — if we didn’t know any better, we’d think a few of Josh McMahon’s works were inspirations for the movies we finally got last year! Check them out, and if you love them, be sure to see more of McMahon’s work on his DeviantArt page and website!


This one is a scene of a finale to a movie the artist imagined, in which Wonder Woman fights off the followers of Ares — not too far off!


Wonder Woman getting air, clearly in the Justice League era!

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