Affordable Baby Products No Mom Should Live Without

Mom must haves!

Being a Mom is hard enough, without picking products for your baby that just make life more difficult. Here’s our roundup of the best, most affordable baby products no mom should live without and the reasons why we love them!

The Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap makes carrying your baby around a breeze! This wrap goes across your back and around your shoulders for ultimate comfort. It’s secure, easy to wear, highly adjustable, and you won’t have to fuss with straps or buckles. It might look intimidating at first glance, but they offer and easy to follow video on how to tie it! This one in black is our favorite, because it’s sure to match all your outfits!

Amazon- $44.95

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

What makes these baby bottles so special? The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles help eliminate problems like colic, gas, burping, and spit-up while preventing fluid in the ear. The special vent system allows air to escape while making sure the milk inside maintains essential vitamins.

Amazon- $16.99 for a three pack

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