eBay is Stepping Up Their Instagram Game to Make a Splash in Fashion

As alluring as online retail is, it’s tough to make it work with fashion. We’ve seen StitchFix use curated boxes of items, we’ve seen Allume use personal shoppers, and we’ve seen the rise of augmented reality technology to help you at least get a general sense of fit and look. Amazon looms large, too, even if clothes sales still is something they haven’t quite managed to dominate like almost everything else. eBay has been in the fray with eBay Fashion for a while, but like many others, the results haven’t quite been what they hoped for. So, they went back to 21st century fashion marketing 101 — getting the ‘gram game right.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before — A+ Instagram photos featuring Instagram personalities, advertising fashion deals that can be found on the site. But, they are bucking one major trend with the new initiative — they’ve actually started up a Facebook page in the midst of #DeleteFacebook!

The pictures look great, but it’s going to take a lot for eBay to be taken seriously in fashion. They’ve been trying for years to shed the image of being that site you go to to buy a super cheap used smartphone or a replacement part for an ancient video game console, but they cornered that market so effectively that it’s hard to think of them as a fashion destination.

But, eBay Fashion might have a much bigger problem on its hands, at least in the early going. Most of the deals being advertised on their new Instagram page feature items from fast fashion retailers like Topshop, Zara, and Anthropologie. Seems like bad timing, as the tide has been turning against fast fashion retailers and toward thrift shopping or more eco-friendly, sustainable designers.

The eBay Fashion Instagram account has only been around for a month, and we’d imagine that around 8,000 followers isn’t where they want to be. Even if fast fashion isn’t quite on its way to going extinct yet, it’s going to be hard to get traction going against the always on-trend world of Instagram, especially when those trends are championing fair treatment of workers and the environment!

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