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The Week in Tech – Big Smartphone News, Harley Davidson Investing in Electric, and More!

There’s a ton of tech news to get to! Maybe you didn’t get to it all, because who’s got time for that? Well, that’d be us — here are a handful of stories from the week that was that might affect you!

The Equifax hack was, once again, worse than we thought

Last month, word got out that the Equifax hack was actually even worse than previously reported, with the revelation that they also had some tax identification numbers, email addresses, even more credit card numbers, and issue and expiration dates for drivers licenses compromised. That’s why this sub-headline looks familiar! This past week, things got even worse again, with it being reported that the hack affected 2.4 million more people than previously known. I guess that’s not a big deal in the grand scheme, though. The extra 2.4 million only had names and some driver’s license numbers compromised, with Social Security numbers and credit card information staying safe. I guess the other reason it’s not that big of a deal is that 2.4 million is, for this hack, a drop in the bucket! It takes the total affected from around 145 million people to about 148 million.

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