Here’s What’s New on Netflix in April – More Magic School Bus, More Magical Pastries

Spring is here! I almost didn’t realize it, with tons of snow hitting one coast and tons of rain hitting the other. Oh well, just means you have one more month to not worry about having to justify your binge habits in the face of good weather. This month, Netflix is light on the big names that usually demand a binge, but there are still some movies, shows, and specials that deserve a quick look. Battlefield Earth, maybe an exception. I do not understand why someone made a conscious decision to upload Battlefield Earth to company servers in the year 2018, but you do you Netflix. Here are our recommendations for the month ahead, plus a full list of what’s new on Netflix in April at the end.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season Two – April 13

The Magic School Bus rides again, again. Kate McKinnon is back as Ms. Frizzle’s sister, also Ms. Frizzle, bringing back the favorite ’90s educational science show of public school kids who didn’t prefer Bill Nye. Last season hit the usual biology and ecology beats, but there was definitely a little 21st century thrown in there with a robotics episode. Can’t wait until the episode where they retcon the bus into being an AI instead of magic.

Lost in Space: Season One – April 13

Not sure anyone was asking for another Lost in Space reboot, but what the heck, let’s see what kind of danger Will Robinson’s going to get into this time. On April 13, Netflix will unload ten episodes of space adventures, but they haven’t said a whole lot about it. It’ll still be about the Robinson family getting, as promised, lost in space, so it should be something like what the family drama the original ’60s series was.

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