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Girl Power Goodies To Help You Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us here at Chip Chick! We rounded up some girl power goodies to help you celebrate, and you can also feel good knowing that you can contribute to some real causes at the same time. Some of these goodies are being sold to raise money for some increasingly important causes and organizations!

I’ve Seen The Future She’s Female Shirt

Honestly, there couldn’t be a better time to envision a female-led future!

AliandAriel/Etsy – $24

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights Sweatshirt

Shouldn’t have to be said, but someone has to say it.

LookHuman – $35

Wage Gap Shirt

A direct take on the wage gap. Sadly, and necessarily, the shirt is available in larger debts for women of color. Parts of every sale are donated to the National Organization for Women.

femininitees – $34


Strong Female Lead Tee

Because that is exactly what you are.

StagandPeachCo/Etsy – $23.95 and up

We Should All Be Feminists Tee

And yes we should! A feminist simply believes that women should have equal rights and opportunities to men. But sometimes people need a reminder and this is just the t-shirt to do it.

plumusa/Etsy – $18.95

Nevertheless She Persisted Sweatshirt

Persistence is key, and we love that this sweatshirt is handmade with non-toxic inks.

FourthWaveApparel/Etsy – $35

ACLU Dissent is Patriotic Shirt

As true in the 2010s as it was in the 1770s. This shirt comes straight from the American Civil Liberties Union, which, as it long has been, is a vital organization that knows how to fight for the rights of all in the courtroom.

ACLU – $28


Nasty Woman in Training Sweatshirt

For the future feminist in your life. Male or female this is a great sweatshirt to get them started.

BurntThreadz/Etsy – $20