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These High Tech, Holistic Skincare Products Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Holistic skincare is continuing to gain popularity with beauty product enthusiasts and consumers alike. So, what exactly makes a beauty product holistic or not? Holistic skincare products are characterized as having nearly 100% all natural ingredients and are usually comprised of ingredients such as plant extracts, antioxidants, essential oils, and herbs. Sounds pretty down to earth and old world, right?

It’s pretty hard to imagine holistic skincare being thought of as compatible with high tech, which certainly evokes thoughts of products that are not natural, or derived from plants and herbs. High tech certainly comes across as much more industrial! How on earth can the two possibly be merged? Read on to find out about the high tech, holistic skincare products that are what dreams are made of!

The Rich Cream

Augustinus Bader is one of the best biomedical scientists in the world. He’s most well known for his leading work with stem cells, and this is exactly the science he has built his skincare company on. Ah, we love when science and beauty can come together to benefit us! The technology behind his products relies on your body’s own stem cells to generate healing tissue.

His knockout product, The Rich Cream, deeply hydrates and replenishes your skin. The ingredients behind it are indeed holistic, containing vitamin E, Argan oil, essential fatty acids, and primrose oil. An instant perk is that this cream hydrates and plumps your skin, and long term it will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and redness.

Augustinus Bader – $265

Super Anti-Aging Serum

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a specialist in non-surgical treatments that rejuvenate your skin. So what’s the science behind her line? Puslane! What the heck is that? It’s an herb that contains a natural anti-oxidant system called glutathione, along with vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s pretty much a wonder plant, and she puts it in all her products.

Her Super Anti-Aging Serum visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and is packed with anti-inflammatories. It also utilizes a complex of long and short chain Hyaluronic Acid to help you beat aging and skin aberrations. Got to love high tech!

Dr. Barbara Sturm – $350

Serum No. 1

Dr. Nigma Talib underwent struggles with digestive problems and eczema in her youth, and that led her to experiment with natural supplements over using steroid creams. This was the start to her holistic career path! She decided she wanted to grow up to be a doctor that tries to understand the root cause of a problem first and foremost, and this is exactly what her skincare company is built upon. Her products improve from the inside out.

Serum No. 1 is developed with her signature ‘Light Water Technology’, which helps to deeply penetrate your skin for more efficient results. Age-reversing plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and marine snail peptides are what goes into making this serum.

Dr. Nigma – $205

Phytoactive Anti-Aging Serum

Dr. Timm Golueke built his brand on noninvasive ways to rejuvenate your skin. Scottish fern is the star of this skincare line, which is as natural as you can get! The intriguing thing about Scottish fern is that it very well may protect your skin from detrimental UV exposure.

Antioxidants and valuable plant extracts go into making this anti-aging serum. It’s supposed to help your skin combat aging and environmental stress, while improving skin elasticity.

Bergdorf Goodman – $295

Face Cream Women

Another skincare product from Dr. Sturm, this firming face cream will help your skin to be the most radiant even without make-up. A big claim! Dr. Sturm’s signature ingredient, Purslane, coupled with anti-oxidants give your skin vital nutrients.

This cream and its ingredients also provide you with protection against agin, while strengthening against free radicals by promoting the enzyme telomerase. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm – $215


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