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19 Pokémon Wedding Goodies That Will Make You Say I Choose You!

A Pokémon wedding would be such a unique theme for all you chic geeks! Your guests would also be guaranteed to have a complete blast. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we found some amazing ideas and caught them all on this article! If you end up having a Pokémon wedding, you definitely need to let us know!

Pokeball Pokemon Go Ring Box

The perfect accessory for your wedding ring, it’s a Pokeball ring box! How cool is this? It would also be perfect for proposing to that special someone in your life. It would be impossible to say no to this!

UrbanoRodriguez/Etsy – $44.90 and up

I Choose You Wedding Cake Topper

This I Choose You wedding cake topper is geeky and glamorous! You can pick to have yours handmade in gold or silver too!

CakeTopperBliss/Etsy – $35

Pikachu Wedding Ring

Sterling silver, 18k gold, and Pikachu? What more could you want in a wedding ring?

geekandfreak/Etsy – $100

Pikachu Garter

I always thought garters were kind of actually lame and outdated, but my opinion has changed now that I’ve seen this Pikachu Garter!

ZanymouseCreations/Etsy – $25.79

I Choose You Gold Balloons

There’s nothing sweeter than a bunch of gold balloons that spell out I Choose You!

CherCanDoIt/Etsy – $18 and up

Pokémon Engraved Black Tungsten Ring

I always thought men’s wedding rings were pretty bland, but looking at this insanely intricate engraved black tungsten ring my mind has been changed!

InfiniteJewelryCA/Etsy – $159.99 and up

Chocolate Covered Pokeball Oreos

What a wedding favor! Your guests will leave in glee with these chocolate covered Pokeball oreos.

CrazyBrainCatering/Etsy – $14.99 and up

Cake Knife Server Set

Cut your wedding cake in style with this cake knife server set!

ShaesBridal/Etsy – $35

Pikachu Bride

This adorable Pikachu dressed as a bride is the perfect companion for your wedding day!

MeowMeowPuppy/Etsy – $60

Rose Gold Pokeball Wedding Cufflinks

Even though I picked the 14k rose gold plated ones to show you, these cool cufflinks also come in 18k gold plated, polished bronze, and sterling silver. Something for everyone!

GeekShapeThis/Etsy – $85 and up

Pokerose Bouquet

Regular roses are looking quite boring, now that we found these incredible Pokeroses! These roses are made from coffee filters and are then hand-dyed with acrylic inks or watercolors.

TheElegantOtaku/Etsy – $35 and up

Pikachu Soap Favors

A cute treat for your wedding guests!

ElsaNancySoaperia/Etsy – $13 and up

Pokémon Bow Tie

I’m in love with how adorable this bow tie is!

WormBo/Etsy – $12 and up

Ring Cushion

The perfect accessory for your ring bearer to walk down the aisle with!

Allycraftsandsewing/Etsy – $9.30

I’d Catch You Card

It’s a sweet idea to write your husband or wife a thoughtful card on your wedding day!

PocketsofParcels/Etsy – $3.50

Pokémon Boutonnière

This brings Boutonnières to a whole new level! Featuring Ash and Pikachu, your groomsmen are sure to love this!

CherylsThingaMaBobs/Etsy – $12

Pokémon Tie

Another gift your groomsmen will love, check out this tie!

HoldYourCrochet/Etsy – $25

Pokeball Chocolate Pretzels

A perfect addition to your cocktail hour, check out these chocolate covered Pokeball pretzels!

CrazyBrainCatering/Etsy – $14 and up

Bridesmaid card

There’s just no better way to ask your girlfriends to be a part of your special day!

Suckycards/Etsy – $4.35


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