9 April Fool’s Day Tech Jokes We Kind of Wish Were Real

April Fool’s Day is not what it used to be! It’s gone from putting sugar in the salt shaker to pretty much every company with an online presence of any sort making up some goofy product or service to get attention. Thing is, some of those made-up products would actually be pretty awesome! This year was no different — here’s a handful of companies who had us wishing they weren’t fooling around this year!

Rent the Runway

Dog parents collectively cried out in frustration upon realizing that Rent the Runway for Dogs was not real. The puppy testimonials were great, but the real heartbreaker was the concept of automatically ordering matching dog clothes for anything that you were renting for yourself. They really need to make this happen.


The Lego VacuSort would be an insta-buy for any parent that’s bought Lego sets for their kids (or for themselves!) — the best vacuum cleaner ever would have not only sucked up foot-destroying Lego bricks, but sorted them in plastic bins by color. You can’t tell me that AI can’t make this concept possible right now.


Sprint’s Magic Ball functioned more as an explainer on what to expect when 5G arrives, but it was still kind of awesome regardless. When 5G comes, we’re going to see a lot more small cell towers — tiny little towers on top of buildings — than reliance on huge cell towers that we’re used to seeing. Sprint figured hey, if they’re going to be small anyway, why not get some extra use out of them by turning them into soccer balls? Winner gets to take 5G coverage with them.

Master & Dynamic

This relatively new audio company caught our attention with some of the most fantastic (and sadly made-up) headphones we’ve ever seen. Not only did they have a funky iridescent color scheme, they’d change color like a mood ring! That could totally be tied to genre, and then — wait, seriously, isn’t this why we’re supposed to have AI?


T-Mobile had a little something for the most flexible among us. The Sidekick high-tops, naturally in full-on T-Mobile pink, were a pair of smartshoephones with speakers on the underside of one shoe and a display on the underside of the other! I’m guessing they were going to use Gorilla Glass 1,000,000 on those displays. But, as it turns out, this one was only half joke — it looks like they really are selling the high-tops, minus the phone parts.

Glasses USA

For anyone who wanted to help save the Earth by supplying one glasses frames’ worth of photosynthesis at a time, there were the TruGreen Moss Glasses from Glasses USA. They would have been carefully engineered to allow moss to grow on the top of the frames. Usually when something like that happens it’s a very bad thing, but we’ll take the eco-friendly spin just this once!


The Apple HomePod is Apple’s first crack at a smart speaker, the true center of a Siri-powered smart home. Obviously, that means you want to take it swimming with you! In a perfectly reasonable take on Apple accessories, their waterproof case for the HomePod would’ve kept the speaker safe poolside, allowing Siri to help you count laps. First of all, why not, and second of all, this fake product probably isn’t more ridiculous than some real Apple accessories.


10 years ago, we’d immediately assume a 1:1 tutoring company pivoting to tech would’ve been an immediate non-starter, but we’re not as sure these days. Alas, Chegg did not suddenly find a bunch of R&D money, which is too bad for students — their Osmosis Pillow would’ve sucked up knowledge for notes and books and stored it in your brain overnight. If only a good night’s sleep was all that was needed for test prep!


So at first, we figured hey, another form of biometric ID on top of fingerprints and facial recognition couldn’t hurt, right? Then we realized that licking your phone is almost definitely the least sanitary thing you could possibly lick — on second thought, this one can stay in April Fool’s Day.