Top 7 Best Free or Cheap Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop is famous first for being the world’s top photo editing software, second for being crazy expensive. The sticker shock isn’t as bad as it used to be now that Adobe has moved to a subscription model and come out with cheaper tiers, but you’re still looking at $10 per month minimum to hop on that Adobe Creative Cloud. Fortunately, there are plenty of other programs and tools out there that can get your photos looking their best, and some of them have the best price of all — $0!


Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free!

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is almost as old as the Web itself! That means this program has over 20 years of experience and tinkering behind it, making it hands-down one of the best free photo editors out there. Only thing is (from experience!), it’s not the most user-friendly program out there. It’s not bad if you’re used to using tools like Photoshop, but if you’re a newcomer looking for a little guidance, we’ll have some better options later!

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