There’s a New Spotify Hulu Bundle Deal You Might Want to Get in On

Is the era of the streaming service package deal upon us? Last year, Spotify and Hulu kicked off a new partnership between the two streaming services by introducing a student bundle that combined Spotify Premium and the limited-ad tier of Hulu for just $5 a month. Of course, students are always going to get the best deals, but there’s some good news for those of us off campus — the two companies are introducing a Spotify Hulu bundle deal for the rest of this week, and the savings are still pretty sweet!

The package deal is the same as the student one — Spotify Premium plus the limited-ad Hulu tier — with all billing going through Spotify. It’ll cost $12.99 per month, which is a $5 per month savings versus paying for both separately! On top of that, existing Spotify Premium subscribers only need to pay $0.99 per month extra ($10.98 total) for the next three months to get in on the deal, after which they’d go up to the $12.99 monthly bill.

There are some caveats. The $0.99 deal is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers who are either new to Netflix or canceled Hulu over a year ago — if you already have Hulu, you can move to the $12.99 per month bundle, but you can’t get that special three-month pricing, even if you try to cancel Hulu now and then sign up for the deal.

It also won’t work with Spotify family plans, so you can’t use this pricing to get a full-on family deal for Hulu. Some bummers there, but if you’re not on a family plan and like both services, that’s $5 less you’re paying per month without having to do much of anything — Spotify makes it pretty easy to sign up for the bundle on their site.

You’d be forgiven for feeling a little weird about the whole thing, though. The package deal, while great for saving money, looks a bit like the start of the cable-style pricing that streaming services are supposed to be getting away from! Hopefully it doesn’t move in that direction too far in the future, but we’ll definitely enjoy the benefits for now!