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This Little Music Maker Is The Missing Link Between Singers, Songwriters, & Producers

Not a producer? No Problem!

As an analog girl in a digital world:

Not a producer? Me neither. I feel like the Roli Lightpad Block M may be the missing link between myself, a singer/songwriter and said producers. A lot of the software and equipment used by production people are so expensive, and a full-time career to learn and maneuver. Blocks make that digital aspect so accessible for an affordable price. I can now add beats, incorporate digital sounds, and add a more modern twist on my music in one user-friendly place. That’s a game-changer for me. There are also a ton of guides and videos available to grow and learn with your Blocks. Melodics is a free download on your computer that actually teaches you how to make beats from the ground up in the form of a game. Overall big fan of the Roli Lightpad Block M. It makes everything very accessible without being overwhelming. As advertised, it grows with you.

The breakdown:

Beat maker, midi controller, software instrument all-in-one. The thing that’s so impressive to me about the Roli Lightpad Block M is it’s compatibility and portability. You don’t have to drag your midi keyboard to sessions anymore, this little guy fits in your hand. It can take on the role of pads, any plug-in you own, even a mixer. It can also be used with almost any software.


Chip Chick was provided with this product for free, in exchange for our honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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