Disney Princesses Move In Together & Things Get Hysterical

What would happen if your favorite Disney Princesses decided to move in together? We already took a look at some of the things that would happen, and we’re back with more hysterical comics for you to enjoy!

The talented artist Amy Mebberson created an adorable comic series titled “Pocket Princesses” and in this comic Disney Princesses live together!

Check out how all the princesses would interact together below!

Amy Mebberson

Belle might be distressed about her dress, but Rapunzel and Cinderella are here to help!

Cinderella looks especially excited with a hot glue gun, bucket of bling, and length of chain.

Amy Mebberson

Merida is just looking forward to caffeinating up in the morning.

Tiana is very excited about her speciality cup of caffeine!

Amy Mebberson

The princesses are ready to help with poise practice!

Amy Mebberson

The princesses are on vacation, and things are getting interesting with their friends and family members in the house!

Amy Mebberson

The princesses are having fun in the sun!

Amy Mebberson

Even though it’s summer, Elsa and Anna have their beautiful winter outfits out.

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