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Here’s Why You Should Detox From Technology & How You Can Do It

Hear me out!

As someone who runs a technology site and also owns a business, it’s no easy feat going without technology for long, whether it be my iPhone, Macbook, or iPad.

I also could not do what I do without technology. I’m constantly checking and sending emails, monitoring orders and statistics, designing patterns and media kits in Photoshop; you get the picture.

It gets downright crazy, and it’s hard for me to let go, but now I’m making it a point to detox from technology and here’s why you should too. Hear me out!

Here are the benefits to detoxing from technology

Improved Relationships

On a personal note, your tech detox can improve the relationships in your life. Yes, technology was intended to connect people, but it can be hurting your relationship.

If you’re constantly on your phone, laptop, or tablet, that means you’re not putting your best effort into your relationship.

You also can’t listen to what they are saying or really give them your attention if you’re just staring at your technology.

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