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Tech It Out: What On Earth Is Going On With Elon Musk & Azealia Banks, This Startup Is Giving Out Bitcoin, This VC Star Was Just Charged By The SEC & More Tech News You Need To Know Right Now

Let’s get real, tech news is boring, so we’re trying to make it not.

It’s hard to wade through the news overload and keep up with the key things happening in tech, but here at Chip Chick we’ve got the highlights! Also, let’s get real, tech news is boring, so we’re trying to make it not. Let’s jump right into what you need to know!

What On Earth Is Going On With Elon Musk &Azealia Banks

I think we’re going to need a guidebook for this one. I have no idea what is going on, you have no idea what is going on, I wonder if Elon and Azealia even know what is going on at this rate.

In a bunch of weirder than you can believe Instagram posts, Azealia basically demanded Elon give her phone back. Why does he have it? What happened on the night earlier this month where Azealia said she was at Elon’s house and overheard him “scrounging for investors to cover his ass”?

We’ll never know I’m sure. It gets weirder because Elon claimed she was never at his house, then said he might have seen her, and I have no idea who allows people over to their house that they don’t even know but pro tip you probably shouldn’t be doing this if you’re the CEO of a behemoth tech company.

I’m only saying this because I want to see you succeed here Elon, even though I’m absolutely never going to buy a Tesla because Porsche is just better (sorry, not sorry).

This VC Star Was Just Charged By The SEC

Ever hear of Michael Rothenberg? No? Have you heard of Rothenberg Ventures? Yeah I’m sure that one sounds more familiar and Michael is the star behind that VC firm. They invest heavily in the tech sector. Or they did.

The SEC just charged him with misappropriating his investors’ money, meaning he was using their money to fund some of his personal projects and overcharging them in the process.

He’s been barred from the investment advisory and brokerage business for five years (then he can reapply), but a more fitting punishment is hopefully nobody ever gives him money ever again.

Today we learned: don’t mess with the SEC, but everyone should probably know that by know.

Put Your Face In Space

Yeah, NASA came out with a selfie app that literally puts your face in space. I can totally get behind this.

This Startup Is Giving Out Bitcoin

Ah bitcoin. Overrated and entirely inflated. Anyway, Lolli is a brand new startup that aims to put cryptocurrencies into consumers’ hands. And they’re trying to make it free of risk. Cute, because cryptos are volatile.

So anyway, how do you get in on this?

You download Lolli’s browser extension to Chrome (because if you’re not using Chrome do you even understand the internet) and when you make online purchases from one of Lolli’s partners, you can get up to 30% of what the item cost back in bitcoin.

Kind of neat. Kind of want to try it.


And In Case You Missed It

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